Catatan Dodol Calon Dokter (2016)

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Synopsis : Catatan Dodol Calon Dokter (2016) Indonesian Movie tells the story of a medical student named Riva. He went to medical school and not solely because of his ideals wanted to be a doctor, but just went along with her friend Eva.

Both have been friends since high school. Lecture together in medicine to make them closer. Nevertheless, both Riva and Eva both harbored the same feelings of love. They liked each other but are reluctant to express feelings of love.

Their relationship is truly tested when the program co-ass doctors in a hospital. At that time, Riva began to close the veins are also a medical student.

Vena is not only beautiful and smart, but he also comes from a prominent family. Vena’s father is the owner of the hospital where Riva and Eva ko-ass.

Eva began to feel jealous and dtinggal since the presence of Vena. This has an impact on their friendship.
Riva participated got carried away when he knew Eva also backed away from him. All had negative impacts on the program co-ass them, until a patient dies when handled Riva.

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The incident made ugly Riva earn points from their supervising professor. Riva is now realized, he entered medical purpose is not to become a doctor, but because he can not be separated from Eva.

But Riva now exists between the two hearts of women, between choosing Eva or vein. Then, who will Riva choose?

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Tika Bravani, Adipati Dolken, Aurelia Moeremans, Ali Mensan, Adi Kurdi, Albert Halim, Donna Harun
Director: Ifa Isfansyah
Released : October 17, 2016 (Indonesia)
Rating : PG-13

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